Youngstown, OH

Scripps College, Claremont, CA

Bronze Sculpture
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, 2003

Selected Artwork



Adolf & Clara Obrich Painting Prize, National Academy

Harry N. Wartrous Prize, National Academy

Malvina Hoffman Prize, National Academy of Design

Ellen Speyer Prize, National Academy of Design

Artist in Residence, University of California, Santa Cruz

Artist in Residence, Dartmouth, College

Artist in Residence, American Academy in Rome

Racolin Press, Limited Editions Book, Dante's Ante-Purgatorio

First Prize, National Religious Art Exhibition, Birmingham, MI

First Prize, "Art in Religion," Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

Guggenheim Fellowship, Study in Southeast Asia and Work in Rome Satasota Art Association
Prize for Sculpture

Purchase Prize, Los Angeles City Art Festival
American Academy of Arts and Letters

Rome Prize Fellowship

Limited Editions Club Prize for Etching
Rome Prize Fellowship

Maurice Fromkis Fellowship, La Residencia, Segovia, Spain
Rome Prize Fellowship

Purchase Prize, Los Angeles, County Museum of Art

Purchase Prize, Pasadena Art Museum

California State Scholarship, Painting


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California State University, Los Angeles, CA

Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA
James Willis Gallery, San Francisco, CA
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Gallery Marcus, Laguna Beach, CA
Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Landau-Alan Gallery, New York, NY

Newport Pavillion Gallery, Balboa Park, CA

Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Galleria Pogliani, Rome, Italy
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
Mills College, Oakland, CA
Devorah Sherman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Bolles Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Schneider Gallery, Rome, Italy

Roland, Browse and Delbanco, London, England
Devorah Sherman Gallery, Chicago, IL
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Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angles, CA

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John Young Gallery, Honolulu, HI
Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Schneider Gallery, Rome, Italy
Scripps College, Claremont, CA

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