Absorption of Light
December 6, 2001 - February 2, 2002
Installation Photographs

Structure of Thought Attracted to Light Black Pulse Ganjin

Absorption of Light embodies the Starns' exploration of light as a metaphor that underlies scientific, spiritual, and social relationships to light. This exhibition reflects the artists' broad use of varied media including computer-generated digital prints on rice paper, hand-coated silver emulsion on paper, and video. Absorption of Light is comprised of four bodies of work from the last five years during which the Starns explored the metaphors of light through real symbols such as leaves, trees, moths, and the worn sculpture in Nara of Ganjin-the 8th Century monk who reformed Buddhism. Absorption of Light is a compression of these themes and concepts, revealing their interrelatedness through a lexicon for their semiology of the Sun.

The Starns have been working in the territory between photography, sculpture and painting since the early 1980's, and occupy a unique position within contemporary art practices of photography. Their lifelong artistic collaboration has focused on the photographic print representing the cycles of time, change, and age. Their work has marked a shift away from the photograph as a sacrosanct two-dimensional image representing a concept or distanced view of life, towards a confrontation of photography's material existence and inherent fragility. Serving as a metaphor of life, their photographs are vessels for images that reflect upon these themes.