Recent Paintings
April 20 - May 28, 2005

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Each painting in this new body of work features a unique variation on a structural yet elusively poetic thematic element that exists throughout the series: a delicate hand-drawn net or web-like pattern rendered in graphite directly on the canvas, often covering the surface overall. Resembling the segmented structure of an insect’s wing, the craquele glaze of Chinese porcelain, or the effect of a pebble shattering a car windshield, this pattern structures the surface in an organized yet effortlessly organic way.

These intuitively rendered and loosely bound networks of chance connections provide the framework for deeper exploration by Van Dyke. She builds geometric forms that resemble faceted crystalline structures by juxtaposing expanses of alternating color within the web and highlights the intersections of the graphite lines with points of color. The surfaces scintillate as gemlike forms mysteriously emerge from the growing nets and small dots of color selectively punctuate the connections. The resulting effect is radiant, optical and transporting.

Van Dyke’s use of this structure revisits an earlier strategy of creating variations on a geometric theme that she successfully employed in her last Wirtz Gallery exhibition. The canvases from Thought Patterns utilized a grid structure rendered in intersecting silver metallic paint passages that cause a shift in the surface of the canvases according to light and viewer’s perspective.